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steel with a vision.

The quality of the products at Kamakshi Steel is matched by the exceptional vision of our leaders and the standards of customer service. We aim at matchless quality, eternal relationships with all clients and end users and environment sustainability.

Kamakshi Steel prides itself on building customer relationships based on trust and mutual understanding. Experts and specialists provide advice to customers on specifying precisely the right steel to meet their individual requirements. The best quality Steel products reach you in no time at all. Once we take over your building dreams, we assure you that you will only experience two things: peaceful sleep and contentment, forever.


About The Group

Born under the expertise of the HIM Group of Companies, Kamakshi Steel has embarked on a journey towards becoming the leading manufacturer and distributor of Steel products in India. It has an upper hand in the Steel Industry due to its association and technological collaboration with the prestigious TEGUM Steel Technologies by HSE Germany.

Chairman's Message.

Hard work, innovation, competence and quality, these four words aptly sum up the ideology of the Kamakshi group. Welcome to our world, the world of Kamakshi, where a new goddess of steel was born. With the intention to maintain its position as the number one supplier of quality products not only in the north, but also throughout India, our group has its own unique philosophy: Our clients are the first priority and we would go to any length to maintain their reliance and trust in our brand. Despite facing various obstacles and stiff competition from the existing brands, Kamakshi Steel has skilfully managed to become the forerunner in the Indian Steel Industry and aims to unfailingly maintain the same quality as it has always promised to deliver, year after year.

Mr. Ashok Raja,
Chairman, HIM Group
Kamakshi Steel

kamakshi steel.

Kamakshi Steel, which is a new venture of its pioneer parent company HIM Group, manufactures an impressive range of steel in various sizes and grades to meet the requirements of a wide variety of end applications. From TMT Rebars to Structural Steel, Winding Wire and Wire Rod, Kamakshi is all set to rule the picture in the Indian Subcontinent.

Since its inception, Kamakshi Steel has broken the glass ceiling. From top notch building projects to classy housing projects, our steel has left a stamp of trust and strength everywhere.


Kamakshi Steel produces grades that meet many challenging standards and customer specifications.

Double Ribbed TMT Rebars Chemical Composition Structural Steel Mechanical Properties Binding Wire Physical Properties Wire Rod Ring Test
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Director's Message.

A little progress each day adds up to big results. This was totally true from the time Kamakshi Steel was initiated to present. For us one year meant not just 365 days but 365 opportunities to establish and progress at a rate that no one else had before. Hard work and smart work always pay off. We now proudly stand at a position of being the number one Steel supplier of North India, and no that's not all. With more grit and passion we aim at steering the Kamakshi group to newer horizons and heights. With current achievements in our kitty, we only feel inspired to keep going and delivering quality at its best! Breathing dreams like air and making them see the light of the day, that's always going to be the philosophy of the Kamakshi Group.

Mr. Abhishek Raja,
Kamakshi Steel

healthy steel,



At Kamakshi Steel protecting the environmental is our passion and mission. The key to our philosophy is: sustainable development and the improvement in steel production ought to go hand in hand. The company's environmental management system and its safety management system, both aim to set an example for others in the Industry.

Kamakshi Steel extensively invests in environmental protection at its plants, ranging from the installation of filters to purify emissions, to the maintenance of large green spaces on site. Special focus shall always remain on the occupational health and safety standards, with very tight controls over gaseous, dust and other airborne emissions, as well as liquid effluents, noise levels and even electrical pollution that could affect national electric grid and other consumers.

Kamakshi Steel has an uncompromising approach to the health and safety of its employees and visitors. Well environmental awareness is the foremost thought in our minds.


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