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steel with a vision.

The quality of the products at Kamakshi Steel is matched by the exceptional vision of our leaders and the standards of customer service.


the new steel goddess is born.

Born under the expertise of the HIM Group of Companies, Kamakshi Steel has embarked on a journey towards becoming the leading manufacturer and distributor of Steel products in India. It has an upper hand in the Steel Industry due to its association and technological collaboration with the prestigious TEGUM Steel Technologies by HSE Germany.


products that perform.

Kamakshi Steel produces grades that meet many challenging standards and customer specifications.

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Kamakshi Benchmarks

Chairman's Message.

Hard work, innovation, competence and quality, these four words aptly sum up the ideology of the Kamakshi group. Welcome to our world, the world of Kamakshi, where a new goddess of steel was born. With the intention to maintain its position as the number one supplier of quality products not only in the north, but also throughout India, our group has its own unique philosophy: Our clients are the first priority and we would go to any length to maintain their reliance and trust in our brand.


healthy steel,

wealthy environment.


Kamakshi Steel treads super cautiously when it comes to product development, one step at a time. Quality and strength shall always remain our top priority and our controlling agenda.

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